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Editor | MLM Training Tips | Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Welcome back! Raise your hand if you checked out Garth’s video. Is that inspiring or what?

Now, let’s go to work on Foundational Fundamentals… That’s a fancy way of saying, “There are some basics you must consider.”

First of all, look at your working environment. Is it conducive to work? When I ask, “Is it conducive to work?,” I’m not asking if it’s clean.

Do you have an area dedicated to your business? If you’re trying to work from the kitchen, on the same table where your family is meant to have meals, that is not dedicated to business.

Clear a space, any space and make that your work space. My sister had a house where the desk was built into the closet. I know of a lady who cleared a shelf in her linen closet. When it was time to do work, she opened the door and pulled up a chair.

I was a Jenny Craig client in the early 90s. One of the big things they taught and I just remembered as I’m writing this program, “Have designated eating areas, and don’t eat anywhere else.” Wow! If I could have just stuck to that one rule, I might look like I did back then.

A dedicated working space is very important. Your brain needs to know, “When I enter this space, I am working. When I’m at the kitchen table, it’s family time.”

It’s unfair to expect the family to respect your work habits when there are no boundaries. Working from a recognized family space does not respect the family. It’s too easy to become angry with Johnny for moving your papers, or laughing on the phone with his friends when he doesn’t recognize the kitchen as an office.

Does this space have to be clean to be productive? Your mother will be happy to know that I agree that , “Clutter distracts the brain.” Still, I believe messy people can be productive people. Imagine how much more productive they would be in a neat environment.

Let’s take a break… Go set up your work space and come back to find out what magic tools need to be included in that space.

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