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Editor | How to Brand Yourself | Thursday, October 29th, 2009

This should be included in any future MLM training you share, especially when doing any online MLM training.

If I ‘Google you,’ what will I find? Google has created Google Profiles. This is a great tool to help you move up in Google’s search engine.

If you want ‘your name,’ I encourage you to take some time today and set up your profile. I’ll also encourage you to confirm the profile submitted properly. Oddly, I had to submit mine a second time. I thought it was up for weeks before I realized it wasn’t.

Check out Tami’s Google Profile

Also, are you on Google maps? If you run your business from your home, I don’t recommend publicizing your home address. Maybe your ‘office’ is the local coffee shop. Be creative.

Or, as I did, promote an organization you support. I’m a Toastmaster. Listing my local club has given me the opportunity to post a video on the map listing. I also posted a comment where I left a subtle plug for this MLM Training Report site.

Be creative and play by the rules. Google can be your friend and you definitely want it to be your friend.

Here are some tips from Google: Google Profile Tips

And you’ll love this: SEO by Google

You’re smart. Use this Google gift to share an image worthy of the business you desire.

Be Creative & Be Blessed,

Tami DuBose & Mike Stokes

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