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Editor | MLM Training Tips | Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

To date, we’ve covered having a designated work space, tools required, technology, money and prison. I left one important tool unexplored…

Remember I mentioned needing a journal earlier and neglected to stress the importance. Why would you need a business journal? Why would you need more than one journal? A journal is place to keep dreams and ideas on paper. Our brain is always working. Give it a break and put things in writing.

Anything and everything can be put in your journal. This is why I have multiple journals. I have a prayer journal. I have a journal with notes from books and tapes and seminars. I have a journal for each of my business ventures. If you’ve never utilized a journal, I recommend starting with 1.

Remember, this is not a diary. You don’t have to start out telling the journal everything you’ve done since you went to the prom. Start today by putting your ideas in writing. If your ideas are on little scraps of unbound paper or pad intended for short term notes, you’re doing your ideas a disservice.

Your brain’s thinking, “Thank you for capturing that. Now, I can create some more.” Then you put it on scrap of paper? Note pads are made to self destruct over time. Perforations separate and pages fall out. I’d hate for you to search next year for that brilliant idea you have today in a ratty old legal pad whose pages are falling out.

Your journal doesn’t have to be leather bound. It can be spiral bound. It can be a simple 50-cent note book. I want you to put your ideas in a safe place.

Let’s take a break while you go to the Dollar Store and pick up some journals.

Next time, we’ll talk about business cards. Do you really need cards to let people know you’re in business for yourself? Come back for the next module and find out.

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