You Can’t Swap Laptop Batteries

Mickey | Electronics | Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Laptop batteries are the heart and soul of a laptop. Ok, maybe not the soul, but certainly the heart. Without a battery, a laptop really doesn’t do a whole lot of good. The whole portability goes out the window to a certain extent. Yes, you might be able to keep a laptop plugged in, but as soon as you move it, the laptop will turn off. The good thing about laptops is that you should be able to interchangeably use chargers to a certain extent. For instance, you should be able to use a Toshiba laptop charger with an Acer laptop provided they have similar power requirements. On the other hand, a laptop battery is not really interchangeable. An Acer battery will more than likely not fit into another laptop. This is typically due to the size of the laptop battery, the position of the contacts and the power requirements of the laptop. You might get lucky and be able to change out one laptop battery for another, but that is certainly not the norm.
Why do you think laptop companies and laptop battery manufacturers have decided to go with completely different designs and sizes and not go to some sort of standard? I would argue that laptop batteries are a large source of revenue. Much like a printer company makes very little on the printer itself, but instead makes a bulk of their money on the years in the form of ink cartridges. A lot of industries follow this model so I really can’t blame them for taking the same approach. Razor companies follow the same model. They charge very little for the razor itself, but the blades end up costing a fortune over time. DVD machines and video game consoles do the same. I’ve heard that some of the video game consoles might even lose money on the console, but more than make it up off of the controllers and video games and other accessories.

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