Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Mickey | General | Thursday, December 30th, 2010

The wedding vow is a solemn promise between the bride and the groom during their wedding day. They are not merely words spoken by the couple. The wedding vows reflect what the couple feels for one another. So to make these words more meaningful and special, I will present several sample wedding vows that will help the couple in choosing or in making their own vows. Writing one’s vows have become a trend for couples.

For a couple opting for a religious wedding ceremony, the officiant should be consulted whether they are allowed to make their own or follow the church’s vows. When the officiant gives them a go signal about the possibility of making their own, then they can search the Internet for different forms of the vows. Usually, the couple can insert funny promises, loving words or love poems in the vows to make them romantic and personalized.

The three vows are religious, traditional and non-traditional. Both the religious and traditional mention God when they make their lifelong pledge to commit themselves to their partners. Non-traditional vows are personalized and allow for the couple to hit a creative mark in their promises. The wedding theme will dictate, to some degree, the vows said.

These vows could be just words, but composing them can be a challenge, because a lot of individuals cannot put into words what they feel for another person. After making their individual vows, the couple may have a common vow.

To reiterate, the couple has a free reign whether they would like their vows classic and traditional, or, they want them to be personalized. Additionally, they can have the same vow to each other, or they compose different vows. Moreover, they can request their relatives or friends to be part of the vows.

A couple who prefers a non-traditional wedding vow can browse the Internet to look for the most romantic and suitable wedding samples of vows. These can be in the form of a love poem or quote. In the end, what is important is that the couple will stand on what they pledged to one another during the ceremony.

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