Wooden Curtain Poles – Enhance The Beauty Of Your Curtains

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, December 20th, 2010

Wooden Curtain Poles


Wooden curtain poles are a great way to increase the ambiance of your home. They come in so many designs and styles that you can choose various styles according to the type of curtain materials you will be using. Use different shades of the poles in different rooms for creating different effects. Wooden poles can be found in various finishes as well. So it is very easy to choose also. They blend well with most of the curtain materials and impart a unique look and feel to the rooms. You can use heavily decorated rods in your living room and the guest room etc where you guests will notice them and appreciate their beauty.

Similarly, you can also attach decorative wooden finials to add to the beauty of the rods. The best way to choose the poles is to choose them according to your interior design. Wooden curtain poles come in dark, light and neutral shades. You can choose them according to the materials of the curtains also. Curtain rods made of wood are strong and stay for long period when used properly. You can also find metal curtain poles which come in various finishes. The poles used for normal windows are straight but the bay window curtain poles are bent on both sides according to the shape of the window.

While choosing the poles remember to use thick and strong poles if you have heavier curtains and thinner ones for light materials. If chosen otherwise, they will be unpleasant to look at. Also make sure that while using lighter fabrics you have to choose poles which have lighter shades. If you use dark shades, the pole will be shown through the material and be unsightly. So whether you are using expensive poles or cheap curtain poles you will be able to select from a wide range of designs and styles to suit your requirements. Make sure that you use matching poles with your curtains to get a perfect finish.

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