Why You Should Use T8 Lights for Your Outdoor Lighting

Mickey | Home Improvement | Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

If you’re in the market for some new garage lights, you have two basic options if you want to use fluorescent lighting.  You can choose T8 lights or you can choose T12 lights.  T12 lights are the lights that are bought for most homeowners because they are cheaper, however, as you will see investing a little bit more money in T8 lights will be worth it in the long run.

First off, T8 lights are at least thirty-two percent more energy efficient than their counterpart T12 lights.  So, while you’ll be paying a little bit more money initially to install a good set of T8 light fixtures, in the long run the lights will actually be paying you back money in the form of lower electrical bills.  You won’t be sacrificing the amount of light either, T8 fixtures put out the same amount of lights as T12 fixtures do.

Neither will you be sacrificing on the quality of the lights.  T8 lights actually put out a much better color spectrum than T12 lights, which can create harsh light that washes out colors.  For the occasional trip to the garage this type of light would be fine, but if you’re thinking about turning your garage into a workshop, the color put out from the lights will matter and for that you can’t be T8 fixtures.

And finally, if you live in a cold climate, T8 lights will even perform better in cold circumstances than T12 lights.  T12 fluorescent lights start to flicker and hum and take a long time to warm up and turn on when it gets colder than forty degrees.  T8 lights, on the other hand, work well in colder conditions, down to as low as zero degrees.

So, whether you’re looking to install a new set of fluorescent lights in your garage or as part as your covered outdoor carport lighting, you should opt for T8 over T12 light fixtures.  They may be more expensive now, but they’ll work out much better over the long term.

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