Why You Should Use Cell Phone Cases

Mickey | Electronics | Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Cell Phone Cases


Cell phone cases are the most common accessories when it comes to mobile phones. Users are spoiled with choices as they come in a wide range of styles and designs.

A lot of people however think that having these kind of cases are troublesome as they block access to cell phone batteries or the SIM card slot. When you look in the pros and cons of cell phone cases, the pros actually outweigh the cons. Having a case ensures your phone is protected from unwanted scratches or accidental drops.

In other words, no one likes using a dirty yellow phone with scratch marks all over it. It is better that you let the cell phone cases get dirty than getting your own phone dirty. As for the inconvenience issue when it comes to taking off your cell phone batteries, removing the phone covers will not take you more than a few seconds.

If your reason for not using a phone cover is due to ugly designs or cheap materials, you could always spend a bit more and purchase a higher quality one. Online retailers like Amazon offers a wide variety of cell phone cases, ranging from clear plastics to silicone with exotic designs.

Don’t be surprised if you come across some cases with a 100 tag price. You can see well-known brands like Louis Vuitton and Swarovski making cases especially for the iPhone. These cases are usually made out of leathers, crystals and even diamonds.

For the average user, the silicone based cover is more than enough to protect your phone. It is very durable and doesn’t add much bulkiness. There are also industrial scratch resistant stickers if you want the slimmest case possible. They are very thin and light but will not protect your phone from drops or accidental hits.

If you want something more durable then there are cases that are made out of steel or polycarbonate. Those materials are much more durable and materials like polycarbonate can help to absorb some of the shock when you accidentally dropped your phone to the ground.

Average covers go for around 10, which is more than enough to do the job. Since the case is cheap, you can easily replace it when it has worn out or gotten dirty. Some people prefer to invest in expensive phone covers but it is only worth it if you you don’t plan on changing your phone in the near future.

Nonetheless, cell phone cases should be the first thing you buy after you get your phone.

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