Why everyone wants to own a Kindle

Mickey | Electronics | Thursday, January 6th, 2011

There are no doubts that an avid book reader will find many advantages in owning a Kindle. Firstly there is an ever increasing bookshop which means that books can be downloaded in less than a minute out of a large catalogue. And as there is a version of the Kindle which comes with its own 3G WiFi connection you do not even have to be in a place connected to the internet to do that. As the Kindle can store well over 3000 books gone are the days of packing several paperbacks when going on holidays, you can take an entire library with you!
Even if you like best sellers you will find that their Kindle version is cheaper than its paper counterpart,  there are also several thousands well known books that are now out of copyright and you can download them for free.
If you are not someone who reads books do not worry you can also subscribe to newspapers, magazines and blogs. And as in the case of books there is an increasing number of titles available. You can subscribe on a monthly basis and the cost of a subscription is a lot less than buying the paper or magazine regularly and you will never miss an issue again wherever you are.

The Kindle is also a very good gift idea and if  you are looking for a present for someone who already has a Kindle, Amazon offers special gift cards so that they can download what they want immediately. Given the success of this gadget there are lots of accessories available from the small clip on lamps for people who read in bed to the waterproof covers for people who read in the bathtub.
There are also many novelty Kindle covers and skins that not only will protect it from scratches and damage but they will add a bit of color and individuality. You will find anything from handmade covers to skins for fans of most football, baseball teams or rock bands.

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