Why Doctors Recommend Compression Stockings

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

For one reason or another, the odds are pretty good that each of us at some point is going to get instructions from our doctor to start wearing medical compression stockings. Many people have a problem with this because not only are they not exactly attractive to wear, but they are difficult to put on and potentially painful if you do not get the right ones. So, why is it that they keep getting prescribed again and again by doctors?

Doctors will recommend wearing these for a number of different conditions, but the two that are recommended compression stockings above all involve circulatory problems or lymphatic issues. A swelling that is generally discomforting if not painful is known as edema, and it usually occurs as a result of poor leg circulation. Your legs will also ache and feel heavy when you are suffering from edema. On the surface, it may not seem to be a huge problem to put up with a bit of swelling and aching, but it becomes worse and worse over time, and the relier of having it reduced by a pair of compression stockings such as Jobst supportwear can be great.

Other, more serious problems can also make benefit of treatment with compression socks. Undergoing a major surgery or undergoing anything that involves a severe limitation on the blood flow in your legs comes with the increased risk of developing a blood clot. This usually occurs in the inner veins, and is known as deep vein thrombosis. Should one of those blood clots dislodge, DVT carries with it the risk of death, so doctors are very serious regarding its treatment.

Protecting health sometimes causes us to have to do things that we may not otherwise like, and even though compression hosiery may not be fashionable, it is a valuable medical tool. If you begin developing edema, aching, or discoloration in your legs, visit your doctor right away.

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