Why Are You an Entrepreneur?

Editor | MLM Training Tips | Monday, August 10th, 2009

Previously, I promised to share the one secret only you can know about your business. What one thing do you need before any of my material will benefit you?

Know your “Why.”

Why are you an entrepreneur? Why do you want to work for yourself? Why do you want to rely on you? More importantly, why do you want to be successful in your entrepreneurial ventures?

If you didn’t want to become a success, odds are good you wouldn’t be going through this program. Of course, there are those who are not entrepreneurs by default. Those guys and gals aren’t reading my material. They have no drive, no ambition, no ‘why,’ and no J.O.B. The reason they don’t have a J.O.B. is obvious.

When working on your “Why” dig deep within. Start with your definition of success.

What is success to you? Finances? Family? Fitness? Spirituality? Everyone’s definition of success could be different. Some may have one very definite and measurable goal. Others have many goals with varying levels of measurability.

This program is not a self discovery program, nor a goal setting program. Check out my other materials for goal setting and such. Just know, if you don’t have a ‘why,’ the how doesn’t matter.

I am teaching the “how” in this program. For your efforts in this program to create the most fruit, I encourage you to know your “why.”

If you’re struggling in narrowing yours down, feel free to borrow from Garth Brooks’ We Shall Be Free. His is big enough for all of us. Do a search, watch the video and be inspired.

Hopefully, you already have your own “Why,” that’s big enough for you.

Let’s take a break here. If you don’t have your ‘why’ in writing, take some time to do that. If you have no clue, take this time to check out Garth’s We Shall be Free video.

When we come back, we’ll go to work on the basics.

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