Who Do You Buy Your Window Cleaning Supply From Locally?

Mickey | Home Improvement | Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Today window cleaning supply companies do not exist as they once did, and you can buy the same products that they sold at neighborhood retail discount outlets, and supermarkets. Even Lowe’s is selling floor buffers today, as that was something that you could only get from a distributor in the past. Doing your own windows is not tough, except when you have intricate and very delicate landscaping in your flower beds surrounding your home, then it could become a little disheartening, when things get trampled by your spouse or the kids when helping out with these chores. But the cost savings over having a service hired to come out to your home and do the same thing will run you a quite a bit of cash.

One way to save money on having your windows cleaned is the next time you have your carpets shampooed or steam cleaned, make sure they also provide window cleaning as part of their offers. By making it a part of the same job, the costs will be reduced, as these companies always enjoy the added revenue from extra services they can provide. If you have any water damage, you could also ask them to take care of this situation while they are attending to your carpets, and windows.

If you have been fighting your floor buffer more than actually using it properly, most carpet cleaning companies will sell services for waxing your hardwood floors, or smooth stone finishes such as marble. Just go online, and put in the word carpet cleaning with your city and state, or zip code, and you can see who will offer what types of all one in packages to take care of your entire home at a discounted price. Be sure and read the fine print, as they work off narrow profit margins, and will have limits on the amount of square footage they will treat for a sale price.

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