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Mickey | Kitchen | Friday, November 19th, 2010

Where to Buy Bunn NHBX-B


Bunn NHBX-BHi guys and welcome to this review of yet another fantastic machine from the coffee making gods that are Bunn. To find out where to buy Bunn NHBX-B please read the whole article. Well people, I know that I have reviewed some pretty awful coffee makers in past cough “Capresso MT600..!”, but this one is quickly turning into one of my favorite coffee makers of all time. Why I hear you shout, well that is quite simple my friends, the brew speed.

This awesome little machine can produce coffee at a pretty awesome rate of knots. In just 3 minutes (minus the grinding and measuring time) we can have a piping hot cup of coffee (for up to 10 people as well). This speed takes away that stressful situation that we sometimes have when we can’t make our morning coffee because we don’t have time. Now you DO have time! The typical coffee maker takes like 10 minutes or even more to brew coffee, but not the Bunn NHBX-B, this bad boy will change the way your morning routine goes.

OK there are a few small tiny little niggles, that I will quickly address, here because no good review can be complete without the bad bits. We have to leave the thing plugged in 24/7. Why I hear you scream, well, the real answer is simply that this machine was originally intended to be used as a commercial brewer in a coffee shop or restaurant, so this feature comes from its commercial heritage. It’s really no big deal unless you are out of time a lot, or just don’t drink that much coffee. I would suggest that if you only drink a small amount of coffee, you might be better looking for a different coffee maker . Keurig have a very nice range of coffee makers, check them out.

Thanks for reading this review, I hope you found some useful information. For where to buy Bunn NHBX-B go to Amazon.com.

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