What You Should Wear While Vertical Jump Training

Mickey | Sports | Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

When you are training how to jump higher wearing the right type of clothing is also a very important issue. You may be confused why this certain aspect is brought up and is considered of such importance. Although you are quite focused with your performance which can be attained if you are executing the exercises in a very effective manner, but still there are certain things which may affect it and one of this is the clothing that you wear.

As much as possible try to wear the proper type of clothing when training how to jump higher, sleeveless is very ideal for this purpose, basketball jersey are viewed to be the most ideal because it has all the characteristics one would need on a certain type of clothing which he can use while training how to jump higher. The Jump Mentor is a wonderful vertical jump training resource with many plyometric exercises.

This certain types of apparel are very light, the weight of your clothing may also affect your performance, as much as possible try to wear clothing made of light weight material. The design of such clothing are also very ideal because it does not hinder any movement especially in the part of the arms, although most of the movement are focused on the leg the arms are also needed to be free so that there would be an added momentum when jumping. The materials of such clothing are also absorbent, some individual are bothered by the sweat which they get from the training.

For the lower part of your body it would be best if you wear shorts, these will not hinder any leg movement that is why you can fully maximize the movement and add up to the power and momentum. So you see it is also very important if you are able to wear the proper clothing when training how to jump higher.

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