What You Need To Know About Car Hire In Copenhagen

Mickey | travel | Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Copenhagen is one of the most promising cities in Europe. It is not surprising when people choose to spend their holidays in this beautiful city. To explore it at your own pace, you’ll need a means of transportation and that means a car hire in Copenhagen. It is easy to rent a car there because there are a lot of car rental agencies both in the airport and the city itself. A car hire in Copenhagen though is a little more expensive than in the United States.

In Copenhagen, most cars are smaller than in the United States, although if you really need a big car, you can rent one too. The distances in Copenhagen are short, so a big car isn’t really a necessity unless you are traveling with a lot of people or a lot of luggage. A smaller car is more suited for the streets of Copenhagen. Once you arrive in the city, you’ll realize why it is known as being environment friendly. Most Danes walk or ride a bike to preserve the beauty of the place.

Being a European city, most cars in Copenhagen are European made. Cars like Mercedes Benz, Audi or BMW are available for rent. To have an easier time finding a parking space, smaller cars like the BMW Mini Cooper are also available for rent. As in most countries, a car hire in Copenhagen have special weekend offers. They also have special deals on long term rentals which can be a lot cheaper. To save you the stress of finding a car when you get there, getting an advanced booking is sensible.

Different car rental agencies may have different requirements. Most require a valid driver’s license plus a year’s worth of driving experience. The minimum age to rent is 21 although some require you to be at least 23. Some agencies require a daily surcharge for drivers under the age of 25. Asking about the details of your car rental ensures your coverage against untoward incidents like theft or collision. Car rental plans vary so it’s better to be sure what you’re getting into.

Enjoying the sights of Copenhagen at your own leisure makes you enjoy your vacation more. A car hire in Copenhagen lets you save time getting from one place to another. Time which you can spend more of in exploring this beautiful Danish city.

This articles was written by Harvin Gulfill from Car rental Copenhagen. Visit the website to read more about Car hire in Copenhagen.

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