What the Types of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Are

Mickey | Electronics | Monday, January 17th, 2011

Acquiring a gadget that secures your properties or assets is a good idea. The best gadget that has great features that can be used for security purposes and for business is the GPS vehicle tracking device. This system is suitable for companies that are using fleet vehicles. The GPS vehicle tracking gadget has to be removed from the car and then connected to a computer where data can be viewed. GPS tracking system is classified in to two basic types. The first is the real time GPS tracking system. This system will let the user recognize the current velocity, position, and direction of the properties where it happens and in a real time. You can log in to a website or to a PC software so that you can access the real time information. You will have to pay a monthly subscription fee if you have a real time GPS locator. This kind of system is most often used by large companies and mobile fleet operators.

Real time GPS vehicle tracking system has two subtypes. These are the real time which functions through a cellular network and the other which functions through a satellite. With the real time cellular network, you can determine the position and velocity through a GSM network. This subtype provides the users two access points for information. These are through logging in to a website and by opting to receive the information straight on your mobile phone.

The second classification of GPS tracking is the passive GPS system. The GPS locator of this system has built-in memory storage that can record navigational data such as speed, direction, and position. The data can be accessed by connecting the device to a computer by using a USB cable and then the data is downloaded. Installing this kind of system is effortless. The passive radio frequency and the passive direct download are two subtypes of passive GPS vehicle tracking system. The users of passive radio frequency will not pay anymore monthly subscription fees. It has the ability to transmit the navigational information whenever the vehicle is at the specific radio range. The passive direct download can show the most cost-effective option or substitute to a real time system.

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