What Makes A Good Mens Wallet?

Mickey | Shopping | Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

A wallet is not something that most men think about very often. However, it is something that you may use many times a day or a period of several years. So perhaps next time you are shopping for a wallet it might be worth thinking about the choices available to you rather than picking the first one that you see.

There have been very few changes at all in wallet design over the years. This is perhaps not particularly surprising given that they perform a limited function and are not often on display. There have been small changes but mainly in the area of design, so that they appear more fashionable. This is a reflection of the increasing attention men are paying to their appearance. There are a few things you should look for when buying a new wallet:

-The best wallets are neither too big, and nor are they too small. There must be enough space to fit cash, business cards, credit cards and the like but not so much that it does not fit in your pocket.

-Durability is an important feature of mens wallets. We expect wallets to last for years and they must be manufactured in a way to ensure that this is the case.

-In the past fashion has been a minor consideration in wallet design. However, as mentioned, this is now changing. Your wallet should match your personal style and fashion sense.

You will be able to save yourself from spending a lot of time at the store by performing a short internet search to discover the top 10 wallet brands available. An impressive wallet is Obey’s Peyote ID. A combination of strong materials, resin coating and triple stitching ensure that this is one of the toughest mens wallets available today. It is also worth looking at Hugo Boss because they offer slim line wallets that fit comfortably into most pockets, and suit coats in particular.

By keeping these things in mind it is possible to not only find a wallet that will last for many years, but one that is also fashionable.

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