What Is The Purpose Of A Rash Vest Shirt?

Mickey | Outdoors | Friday, January 28th, 2011

Summer vacation time is a time when many families pack up and drive straight to one of the many beaches that line the coasts.  It’s not hard at all to figure out why going to be beach is so popular.  It is a great place to rest, relax, and recuperate from the demands of the workplace.  Many adults, for example, enjoy relaxing and reading a book underneath some shade while children enjoy playing around in the sand and water.  There’s no doubt about it, beach vacations are fun.  If you get too much sun exposure and suffer from a sunburn while on vacation, the beach vacation can also be dangerous.  The wearing of a rash vest while on vacation is a great way to protect your skin from the majority of the sun’s dangerous rays.

When rash vests were originally designed, they were solely intended to be a type of garment that surfers could wear that would keep them from developing rashes while swimming around on their surfboards.  In time, people realized that these garments were ideal for protecting their skin from the dangerous rays of the sun.  Many manufacturers of these garments now make them out of special materials that are resistant to dangerous UV rays.

Although rash vests originated as a protective garment for surfers to make sure they didn’t develop a rash, these garments are now commonly used by many different people for a variety of different purposes.  For example, those who participate in the sport of wrestling use them to prevent their opponents from getting a grip on them.  They are also commonly used by water sports enthusiasts.  These garments are very easy to clean and dry very quickly.

Some people occasionally become confused with rash vests because they resemble other types of garments.  For example, tri suits for women and rash vests for women appear to be one and the same.  They are, however, very different.  The tri suit is a special garment that was designed just for those who want to participate in a triathlon event.  Rash vests are very different and can be used by those who enjoy a wide variety of sports.

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