What is the Cricut Jukebox?

Mickey | General | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The Cricut Jukebox is a handy accessory for the everyday Cricut user. Now instead of having to remove a cartridge and replace it with another in order to use a different style or design, just use the Cricut Jukebox. The Cricut Jukebox holds up to six cartridges at a time and attaches right to the Cricut machine allowing the user to use six different cartridges with the ease of not having to change out the cartridges. It also acts as a storage space for the cartridges, manuals, and overlays.

Now everything that comes with the cartridges can be kept in one place with easy access. Up to three Jukeboxes can also be linked together allowing the user to use up to eighteen cartridges at a time. For example, if a user has twelve cartridges, she would purchase two Cricut Jukeboxes. The first Jukebox would be attached to the Cricut machine and then the two Jukeboxes would like together allowing the user to use all 12 cartridges at the same time without ever having to shut down the Cricut machine to swap out the cartridge.

The Jukebox itself is simple to use. The buttons on the front of the Jukebox correspond with the cartridges. The user simply decides which cartridge she would like to use, pushes the button that corresponds with that cartridge and then is ready to begin cutting. When it is time to change to a different cartridge all the needs to be done is push the corresponding button and the user is ready to cut again. The user no longer has to wait for the machine to power down and power back up in order to use a different cartridge. This leaves more time to actually use the machine making the use of time more efficient. With the Cricut Jukebox, Cricut machines are now easier than ever to use.

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