What is Internet Home Business?

Mickey | home business,work from home | Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Very few home businesses are not an Internet home business.  At least not lately, in fact it is almost impossible to run a business out of the home without using the Internet.  What kind of businesses can you run from home?  Almost any business that can be conducted in a normal office can, in theory, be conducted from home.  This was not always true but as computer technology, communications and the Internet have evolved many economists and analysts believe that internet home business, home employment and freelance contracting, to name a few examples, will eventually over take traditional employment as the primary source of household income.

Big Business from the Kitchen


To illustrate, there are plenty of great cooks in America.  Most of them cook for their families but let us imagine that one of them decides to start an Internet home business.  They have a large list of places to buy kitchen supplies at wholesale prices and start a website to sell them.  To attract business they set up a camera and create a free cooking show.  Accounting can be done online as can inventory and shipping.  Many companies will offer to handle all the details for you, you take the order, and they ship the product to your customer.

On the other side of the spectrum, a legal secretary might decide to work for themselves and offer normal legal secretarial services by contract.  This might save law firms a great deal of money and increase the earnings of the legal secretary.  They could use their former employers and contacts to start their client base and expand when the time comes.  There is no reason for an Internet home business to be small, and is one of the ideal work from home jobs you can start.

The Virtual Company


To take this concept one step further, the person offering virtual secretarial services could hire other legal secretaries to work from their homes handling new clients.  Now you have employment, accounting customer service and all of the other phases of tradition business without any real physical location.  This is the ultimate Internet home business.  Not only could such a company be run out of the home, but with the growing availability of mobile Internet services, smart phones and laptop computers, such a business could be run from a public park!  This is the virtual company; a company that hires people, pays for supplies and services, and pays taxes but that only exists in the hard drive of a laptop computer.

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