What Color Should I Paint My Room?

Mickey | Home Improvement | Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

If you’re asking what color should I paint may room? then you might be in a little bit of a design dilemma. Matching colors can be a little bit intimidating for the beginner but this just doesn’t have to be the case. Really this depends on a few main factors.

When you think about what color you want in your room you really need to think about what colors that you actually like. There’s no way to say that blue is the perfect wall color for you because even if it’s fashionable that doesn’t mean that you will like it. You can make almost any of your favorite colors work in your room design, just by depending on the tone that you choose to go with.

You should also really assess the problems that you have in your space. You can look at out dated furniture that you just can’t afford to replace or tile that you need to match. This doesn’t mean that you have to go with exactly the same color but you can go with a complimentary color. Using color really can help it to blend in or stand out depending on whether you’ highlight the piece or you want to really minimize its impact in the room.

You can also really consider mood when you ask this question. In this case you should determine whether you want to feel peaceful or energized. This is going to determine whether you go with a cool or warm colors. However, any color can change mood when used en masse. For instance an entirely blue room can sometimes make small spaces to feel even smaller especially even if it’s a darker color. However, you might just want to use this on your furniture or a lighter tone so it actually really seems very soothing. Then accessorize with brighter pieces in a teen’s room like a pink computer chair or turquoise flowers.

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