Ways To Find Gold Mining Claims

Mickey | General | Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

It’s completely insane just how high the price of gold is these days. Mainly for the reason that it is so incredibly valuable, this is the perfect time to find yourself in the hobby of gold prospecting. In the event you are actually interested in learning about the hobby and what it takes to start, this post will be ideal for you for the reason soon we will be talking about how to get started in this exhilarating activity. As of today the cost of gold is actually over $1,300 for every ounce. Not only can this activity be exhilarating, it could also be an easy way that you can earn extra cash while participating in something that’s really quite enjoyable.

This is one of the only hobbies that you could get started in without much of an initial investment. One of the best things about learning the hobby of gold panning is that it does not cost much money to get started in. When just starting out in this hobby, men and women will only need a little bit of equipment and supplies. All you will need to get started is a shovel, a gold pan, a plastic snuffer bottle for sucking the small gold flakes out of the pan and a small plastic bottle for storing the gold that you happen to find. You may not believe it but that’s really all you’ll will need in the beginning.

There are many methods to learn how to pan for gold but the best might be joining an organization known as Gold Prospecters Association Of America. Being a new member of the club is an easy way to learn about this fun activity and get started on a limited budget. There are a bunch of bonus items that they’ll send you when you sign up for a membership also. There are several people in the club that will be more than willing to help your family get started on

The best advice I can give newcomers to the hobby is don’t waste your valuable time trying to find gold where there’s none to be discovered. Maybe you are wondering where you would even start looking for gold. Well, most people guard their secret spots fairly closely but there’s a simple method to find out where every single “secret spot” in your state is. You simply buy a gold mining claims map from the web site www.goldmapsonline.com. They have gone to a lot of time and effort to make maps that show all of the recorded gold mining claims for many states.

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