Ways of Treating your Lower Back Pain

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Lower Back Pain


There is always a need for you to take care of your back that is in pain. This kind of pain can also be cause by different injury and can be usually eased by some medication. You can take drugs that are pain reliever so that you will not suffer with the pain anymore. You can apply ice to the affected area in order to lessen the inflammation.

There are cases that whatever over the counter medicines you already take the pain at your back will still prevail. If this will occur you need to see an expert so that your lower back pain will be treated. Your doctor will possibly give you some muscle relaxers so that the severe pain that you are currently feeling will subside. This may help to stop the back spasms causes. You must also take note that back pain can be very harmful especially when it started from a serious injury. There are times when you experience a bad fall and after few weeks you did not feel any pain anymore. Yet, few months later you experience another pain and this time is of greater intensity.

You need to have your back check from possible infections. This can be a vertebral injury that needs the care of a specialist. If this case will not be prevented immediately there are instances that you will land to surgery. During intense back pain you must ask help. You must also take note of the time when the pain is accompanied with loss of bladder or bowel control or even fever and weaknesses in the leg because this will mean serious injury. You must be careful in using hot or cold compress because there are swelling in which hot compress is not applicable and will lead to worsening the swell at your back muscles. Whatever it takes it is always important for you to take good care of yourself and to your back bones and muscles all the time. Find out more about bulging disc treatment.

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