Vocabulary of the Pegasus Bathroom Vanities

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Pegasus bathroom vanities typically include one or more vessel sinks. This is a new type of washstand that may remind one of an old ceramic bowl, similar to those that sat on tables and dressers in bedrooms of the Colonial ages. Anyone who has toured the house of Betsy Ross or the Mount Vernon house has likely seen similar styles of vanities, possibly standing close to a canopy bed. They were very popular during these times, and are still popular today. They are eye catching and attractive pieces. They add fashion, functionality and a touch of class to the home.

During the initial times that the canopy bed was fashionable, bathrooms and plumbing did not exist, which is why the vessels were typically in bedrooms. This does not mean, however, that vessels of present day, such as Pegasus brand vessels, are not sold with any hardware. It also does not mean that the modern style vessels have no ability to be connected to the plumbing fixtures in the home.

A singular hole located at the countertop holds the bowl firmly onto the structure. This is the hole that connects the hardware to the plumbing structures in the home. There s a tube which emerges from it, and the tube functions as a faucet. The tube is what will feed water into the sink.

Pegasus sinks are not ceramic objects. Some are designed of materials similar to or the same as those that the vanity is made of. For example, a bench will have both metal vessels and metal poles. Other benches may have glass vessels and glass poles.

The bench where the glass or bowl sits is made from wood. It is very conventionally styled. Some lack drawers and doors while others include these elements. While some may have wooden tops, others have grant tops. Every top includes a hole in the center. This is where the water that enters the vanity’s vessel is drained. This drain, of course, is directly connected to the sewage system in the home.

Pegasus vanities are both elegant and functional. The functionality does not take away from their elegance in any way. Those living in private residences enjoy renovating and adding this style vanity on as an addition to their bathroom. The quality and style of Pegasus bathroom vanities is what homeowners enjoy which is what makes this such a popular item with those who want to enhance the decor of their homes.

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