Video Recording with the Nikon D7000 Camera

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, December 17th, 2010

Nikon D7000 CameraNew from Nikon for the fall 2010 and also in time to be a perfect christmas gift for the 2010 holiday season is the latest intermediate and advanced amateur digital camera to be introduced to Nikon’s SLR digital camera lineup: The Nikon D7000.

This latest Nikon SLR release offers more megapixels, faster overall performance and much higher quality video capabilities than it’s predecessor, the Nikon D90. New on the Nikon D7000 is 16.2 megapixels for outstanding print quality, especially when making larger prints as the tonal graduations are smoother than previous Nikon SLRs in this category, and full HD video recording with full time autofocus,a first on any new Nikon SLR offers much easier recording of video as manual focusing is a thing of the past.

Full HD video recording is the make or break feature on this camera and Nikon has taken wht was a first with the Nikon D90 and improved greatly with this new autofocus addition. This is not just a new feature tacked on to the DSLR at the last moment either – Nikon has designed the new Nikon D7000 with full HD video capability of 1080p which is high definition resolution that most cheaper digital cameras can not compete as they top out at 720p which, technically is still high resolution it’s not the best video possible.

When you’re done recording, you can of course switch to playback mode and view your videos on the bright 3 inch LCD display, but to really appreciate the video capabilities of the Nikon D7000 it’s best view it on the big screen either on your computer or even you HDTV. For the former, it’s easy to connect the Nikon D7000 to your computer and using the Nikon software, upload your videos to youtube or facebook to share with your friends.

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