Using Digidesign Mbox 2 to produce video violin lessons

Mickey | Music | Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

If you’re a violin musician and instructor looking for an interesting way to help support your music habit, or to generate a little extra income to make ends meet while you pursue your musical career goals, there is a relatively easy way to do that.  It takes just a bit of entrepreneurship, a bit of time, and your innate musical and instructional talent.

Recent economic troubles have turned many would-be violin students away from live in-person lessons due to the price.  But that doesn’t mean there’s lost opportunity to make extra money and help young musicians get their start learning violin.  In fact, it opens the door for greater opportunity by leveraging your time and talents even further.  An easy way to do this is by producing video violin lessons.

It’s actually a fairly simple process, and having your instructional techniques available in video format means that you’ll be able to reach a broader audience of clients in a flexible format.

There are several software programs available for you to use, across a wide range of cost and complexity.  At the low end of the spectrum, there are many video editing programs that come free with computer purchases, and odds are that your computer already has one of these programs loaded and ready for use.  You can record a simple half-hour lesson in several takes, and produce a reasonable video in a matter of hours.

Or, you can opt for a higher quality production using a music recording program such as Pro Tools HD.  You’ll end up with professional-sounding soundtrack to accompany your video.  Keep in mind that Pro Tools requires an audio interface device such as the Digidesign Mbox 2, so you’ll need to budget for it, but it’s a terrific device to translate your violin’s output to your computer.

Once you’ve produced your video lesson, all you need to decide is how you’d like to distribute it.  It’s relatively easy to create an online store, or you can just distribute your finished product to your existing student clientele as an additional instructional tool.  Either way, both you and your students will benefit.

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