Using Decals for Speedy Design

Mickey | Home Improvement | Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

My parents and I moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Memphis, Tennessee when I was just four.  We left behind our family, friends, neighborhood, cupcake shop, everything good, and when we arrived in what was then a small town outside of Memphis, my mother cried, but only for a few minutes.  By the time we drove up to our new house, my mother’s head was filled with ideas to turn our new house into our home.

The house in Memphis had one big change for me, my own room, and my first big girl’s room.  I did not want to sleep alone in my big girl’s room and crept into my parents’ room night after night to battle the loneliness and fears of monsters behind my window (usually shadows from trees in our backyard).  Brilliantly, my mother decided that if she personalized my room and let me choose the décor, I might have more affection for what seemed like a cell to me when we first moved in.  I decided I wanted a bright, hard to look at, almost neon blue room with yellow stars painted all over the walls.  My mother obliged.  Fortunately, she had the good sense to realize that in just five years I would want a purple room with flowers, and then a silver room, with no flowers.  My mother is the most creative person on earth, and, twenty five years ago, she had the bright idea to use wall decals to decorate my childhood room.  Not only could she stick the decals on easily, but they were removable decals, which meant I could have stars now, flowers in five years, and no flowers five years after that.  In a deal struck with me that included pancakes, my mother got to put one decorative piece in my room.  She used a decorative wall quote on my wall: You must be the change you wish to see in this world.

Throughout my childhood, and teenage years, I loved my room. I would spend hours reading, chatting on the telephone, and laying in bed, dreaming and journaling about my future.  Each day, I would stare at the quote, and, no matter how old I grew, I liked having it on my wall and I liked its message.  The quote made me smile on a bad day and it helped me realize my true dreams.  Thanks to my mother, over the years, the room grew with me, and it became home.

Using wall lettering, removable decals, and decorative wall quotes, design can be relatively inexpensive, quick, and satisfying.  Children often change their minds as they grow older regarding the design of their rooms; removable decals allow you to decorate your child’s room, and then remove the decals when they are ready for new shapes and patterns.  Decorative wall quotes bring class and thought to any room, and inspire guests and your family to remember what is truly important, love, peace, happiness, and all the values you hold dear to your heart.  These simple techniques can turn a house into a home.

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