Useful Dog Training Advice

Mickey | General | Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Bringing a new dog into the home is a wonderful experience. These animals quickly become part of the family. To make this transition easier, there is some dog training advice for new dog owners.

One of the best dog training tips is to always remain calm. Dogs pick up on emotions, and any bad behavior can become worse if the human is unstable. Never hit or strike a dog. This is not an effective way to train, and will create an anxious or aggressive dog. Believe it or not, dogs want to please their owners. It just takes them some time to learn how to do so.

Dog training is very important. This training will teach the dog that the humans in the house are the boss. There are many rules the new dog must learn. This includes housebreaking, what is appropriate to chew on, and how to act around new visitors to the home. These lessons will require repetition and correction. Consistency will ensure quicker success. Everyone must react the same way when good or bad behavior occurs.

Dog training schools are almost always necessary. This is the best way to train and bond with the new dog. There are specific dog training techniques, such as clicker training, that are very affective. An instructor can give some useful dog training tricks that will save on time and frustration.

For those who cannot afford or find a school, there are many dog training books and dog training videos. These are great resources that can help improve the relationship between the dog and the humans. Most libraries will have such books available for borrowing.

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All dogs have the ability to learn and be trained. Most new dogs will require some kind of professional training to learn some basic rules and commands. A trainer will also be able to give specific dog training advice for individual families.

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