Use of Poop Bag Dispensers

Mickey | General | Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Dog poop bag dispensers are another accessory that owners use to manage the collection and disposal of their pet’s waste a little easier. They are basically a little box that is fixed onto a fencepost or gate, or somewhere in the garden that acts as a place to put the dog poop bags. Often they are used in parks and public places designed for walking dogs.

Nowadays these items are still popular despite the growing use of biodegradable poop bags, which can be disposed of a lot easier on compost heaps or in bins at home without any need of separation of the waste from the bag.

The old plastic bags, which were not ideal because they involved more hassle for the owner in separating the poop from the bag and then finding 2 things to dispose of, are still used but in lower numbers. Many people also found with these bags that they promoted bacteria growth and were therefore very smelly, wherever they were put.

The biodegradable bags have really taken over because they are made of either corn or paper pulp which is a material that is sturdy enough to hold the poop, but also natural and is easy to break down and decompose. The poop no longer needs to be separated from the bag. Also the bags breathe so, unlike the plastic bags, they dispose of the odors better and do not promote the growth of the harmful and smelly bacteria associated with plastic bags. Some shops now refuse to sell the plastic ones.

Dispensers came along to help with the disposal problem. They are usually sold on their own or with some packages of poop bags. In many public areas they encourage owners to be responsible by providing not only the dispenser box but the dog poop bags too.

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