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Editor | SEO,Social Media Networks | Saturday, July 4th, 2009

The most important thing to remember when you’re writing articles or blog posts for search engine optimization is to include the keywords in the title and the content. Some people will even go as far as to include more than one keyword in their titles.

You’ll also need to include your keywords in the introductory paragraph and at the very least, in the closing paragraph of every article. Doing so will allow the search engines to identify what your article is about, for instance “work at home.”

You should also try to use each keyword in your URL.  For instance, when you first register for a Squidoo lens, try to get your URL like this: Or, if you’re creating your own blog, try for a URL like

This same technique can also be applied for Hub Pages, Google Knols and WetPaint if you decide to add them to your business properties. Eventually, it will add up to dozens of lens and Knols, which should be your goal.

 Of course you should not get hung up on the idea of using keywords so much that it destroys your article. Not only does it give your readers an excuse to run, it gives Google a really good reason to not display your pages. Just let your keywords be a natural part of your article, strategically placed of course.

In conclusion, you should always include anchor text links to your website where your product/service is being sold with the keyword phrases in that text.

We’ll be writing more about anchor text links, but a quick definition is when you use your keyword phrase “work at home” in the body of your article, you turn it into a link pointing to your main money site.

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  1. I get how its important to use keywords in your title and content of your web page, but what i don’t get is why websites like Google wouldn’t display your page just because of a little overuse of keywords. Wouldn’t that make it more likely for Google to display your web page in that particular engine search?

    Comment by Tristan Grossley NBR — July 7, 2009 @ 6:39 pm

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