Use a Travel Voltage Converter for that Quick Zap

Mickey | Electronics | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Bringing chargers for a camera, a laptop and your mobile phone is important especially if you are going on a business trip. You need to have all your gadgets close at hand.  The problem is not all countries use the same kinds of voltages. In North America, 110 is the standard voltage and in other countries 220 is used.  So how do you charge your gadgets? Simple, bring a travel voltage adapter along with you on the trip.

How will it help you? As the name implies, it converts voltages either lower or higher and it enables you to use your electronics on a trip abroad. When the voltage in other countries is 220, it lowers it to 110. When the voltage is 110, it brings it up to 220.  Why is this important? In the US, power outlets, gadgets and appliances only use 110. When you bring your gadget to another country that uses 220 volts, you will not be able to charge your gadget.  Some laptops can go from 100-240 volts so that means they are convertible to any kind of voltage. If you want to know whether your other gadgets or appliances are like this, take a look at the voltage.

If not, then you may have to purchase a travel voltage adapter which you will bring when you travel. It’s always good to get a converter that can change the voltage 25% higher. This is for gadgets that use huge amounts of electricity like the laptop. You should also get different types of adapters for different wall sockets. The plugs of your gadgets may also be different from the wall sockets. Usually, a voltage converter is sold together with the adapters.

How much are they? Travel voltage converters are a bit expensive but considering the advantages and its usefulness, it’s a good buy.  You can visit online stores like eBay to find some cheap finds.

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