Understanding Denture Implants

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Many people are well aware of the fact that traditional adhesive dentures are frequently used by millions of Americans, and have been for a long time. Great strides have been made in teeth implant technology over the last several years. Denture implants have an edge over traditional dentures in many ways. Those who are unsure what this means may wish to consider the following:

Due to recent advancements in dentistry, there are currently two different methods of the denture implants procedure available. The first is the standard procedure which consists of the implant being affixed to the persons gum through the use of a screw which is embedded in the gumline. Recovery time is typically very short, and the procedure itself is usually completed very quickly. The screws are typically made of aluminum alloy, and the implant is the size of the person’s natural tooth.

The other type of implant is called a mini implant and is smaller in diameter than the aforementioned model.Some individuals prefer this type of implant because it is a bit lighter than the traditional model. Both models are stationary, however, so one does not have to be concerned about slippage, as with traditional adhesive dentures.

This kind of implant is exceedingly popular, due to the fact that the person can eat whatever he or she wishes without having to worry about the implant slipping out of place. Removing the denture plate is easy, so cleaning does not present a problem.

One of the biggest complaints people have about adhesive dentures is the embarrassment when the dentures can be seen moving around. Eating can be a difficult task for those who have older model adhesive dentures that may not fit properly any more. Denture implants create a terrific smile and a higher level of confidence for those who choose this option.

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