Types Of Wicker Furniture: Natural and Synthetic

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Sometimes, in selecting furniture for our homes, we regard durability and practicality as top priorities. There are so many kinds of products that exist nowadays, and the more we explore different stores, the more choices we have. It is always wise to study a certain item’s quality and features first before spending a significant amount of money on it.

Most of us own furniture products at home. It can be of any type of material like wood, plastic, or metal. Furniture greatly helps us in keeping our rooms and workplaces clean and orderly, giving a pleasing ambiance for our homes, maintaining the stability of our personal possessions, and finishing our duties easier and faster. These products mostly differ in quality and value.

One of the many common types of furniture is the wicker or rattan furniture. Wicker is any fibrous material made of twigs, reeds or canes woven together to produce baskets and furniture. There are two types of wicker furniture, the natural and synthetic type. Natural wicker is stronger and more durable, and it is also known for its nice and attractive appearance. Although this kind of material needs more maintenance to keep it in good form. On the other hand, the synthetic or man-made type is usually made of resin or vinyl. It’s more resistant to moisture and heat making it more suitable for outdoors. Synthetic wicker is easier to maintain compared to the natural type. It can simply be washed off with water if it gets dirty or stained.

Some popular examples of wicker furniture include a rattan umbrella stand, rattan computer chairs and tables, a twig side table, an outdoor wicker chair, and many others. Wicker furniture can be very expensive or very cheap depending on its brand and quality.This doesn’t mean that quality has to be expensive, it usually is the brand that decides the price. Less well known brands can offer the same or even better quality for a cheaper price.

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