Top Reasons To Buy Black Diamond Rings

Mickey | General | Sunday, February 20th, 2011

If you’re looking for a stylish and unique piece of jewellery that will catch everyone’s eye, try black diamond rings. Black diamonds have appeared on the gold jewellery market relatively recently but are becoming increasingly popular. They are found in nature extremely rarely and nobody knows how they are created, which makes them even more valuable and desirable.

A black diamond is actually carbonado, a type of a polycrystalline diamond that is more porous than the typical colorless varieties. The color can vary from black to dark grey and they are often used in silver rings, set against other precious stones such as green emeralds, red garnets or rubies, or colorless diamonds to bring up their unique dark color. As all diamonds, the black varieties come in different shapes and can be cut in several ways, from the cushion cut to the princess cut. Their darkness stands out best in a contrast with other precious stones, but for a very trendy but yet unique gift, try a black diamond solitaire ring or a gold, white gold or silver pendant with a dark grey diamond.

Who buys black diamond jewellery? Celebrities have been leading the trend and showing off this unique gemstone, but it is also very popular with men who are looking for something stylish and elegant, but who think that traditional diamonds or other precious gemstones are too feminine. In men’s jewellery,  the black or dark diamond could be simply set into silver without any added colorful gemstones, and the combination of silver and black creates a classy and sophisticated look. Because of the darkness, these types of diamonds don’t sparkle like other diamonds do, and many male jewellery buyers appreciate the lack of too much sparkling. But a black diamond does not have to be just for men: several stylish celebrity women are already carrying this stone with elegance.

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