Tips on Simple Weight Control

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Friday, January 7th, 2011

The vast majority of Americans are medically obese. This countries obesity is contributing to an absurdly large number of preventable yet fatal diseases. Heart Disease is the number one killer in America, being a preventable disease this is terrible news. With our current diets it is no wonder that we are having health problems, we are eating sugar and processed foods like it is going out of style. We consume more red meat and fewer vegetables than any other country. What makes this more upsetting is the break down of our current vegetable intake. Less than 7% of our diet is vegetables, and over half of that percentage is potatoes, which are not practically bad for you, but almost 90% of the potatoes consumed in the US is in the form of french fries. If you have been following along you should be coming the realization that the majority the very small amount of vegetables we are consuming in this country is fried. So there you have it, our diet is primarily red meat and french fries. Which is why there is such a market for body cleansing.

This diet trend along with modern convenience is actually doing severe harm to us all. Because along with this poor dietary choices we are also not getting any exercise. Now I am not talking about lifting weights and running marathons, just light to moderate exercise. Which the American Heart Association recommend we get about an hour of moderate exercise every week. This may be intimidating for most, but simple acts and changes in habit can allow you to fit this exercise in with little effort, and even prevent the need for a body cleanse.

Here is how you can get the recommended amount of exercise every week with out joining the gym.

  • Taking the stairs instead of elevators and escalators
  • Going for a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood everyday
  • Walking or riding your bike to work or school at least once per week instead of taking your car

See these simple steps can allow you lose a little weight and feel better about yourself.

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