Tips On Organizing Your Wardrobe Closet

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Are your wardrobe closets at home slowly blowing out because of the large number of items inside of them? Then, you might want to read the tips that I have in store for you in here about organizing wardrobe closets. With these tips, you no longer need to spend long hours digging into your wardrobe closet just so you can find the clothes that you want to wear for the day.

First on my list of tips would be to create three piles of clothes inside your wardrobe armoire. This is particularly easy to do if you own a 3 door wardrobe armoire as to the reason that you can place the three piles in the three compartments separately. You need to classify your clothes into charity, trash, and keep. Empty out your wardrobe armoire one article at a time so that you can properly classify your clothes based on the latter descriptions. Trash basically refers to clothes that have rips that can no longer be repaired and clothes that have stains on them that can no longer be removed. Charity clothes on the other hand refer to pieces that no longer fit you or those that you no longer want to wear. You can easily donate this to a charity organization. Keep clothes on the other hand are ones that you still want to wear or things that you still like.

Separate your trash and charity pile and place them in a trash bag so that you can place them in your garage or attic later on. When you’re done with this, you can now place your keep clothes pile back into your wardrobe closet. Be sure to do this well so that you won’t end up with the same mess that you had when you started this task. With this, you can now have some extra space inside your closet for other items or for new clothes.

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