Tips Before and After a Garage Door Repair Service

Mickey | Home Improvement | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

If you hire a technician to do repairs in your garage, then it might be good for you to make courteous gestures for him. After all, he is not just someone whom you hired to fix your door. In fact, he is there to make your life a little bit easier even if it just involves only one predicament.

The best to way to prepare for your technician’s arrival is to make the area suitable for garage door repair. This means you have to clear all debris and vehicles that will create obstructions to the working place. Put them somewhere far to create an ample clearing for the job. You may also need to wash off some grease on the floor to avoid tripping. Be sure to pick up all the litters on the floor to avoid accidents since you cannot expect your technician to familiarize himself on the surrounding on such a short visit. Provide adequate lighting on the area for the same security reasons. Ready all the things that he would need such as the garage key and remote control clickers. You might want to show him the manufacturer’s manual as well. This is not to doubt his capability but to just simply let him figure all the parts easily so you will not be both wasting your precious time.

Once the technician arrives, offer him a drink. This is one way of motivating him to do a better job for you. If you have time, oversee the whole process of the garage door repair and engage in a simple talk once in a while. Ask for tips and suggestion on maintaining the quality of your garage. Allow him to teach you some basic repair mechanics as well. If you are kind to him, then he will be glad to oblige. Lastly, have your payment ready once he is done. Remember he has other customers waiting for him so never make him wait. Most importantly, do not forget to thank him on his way out.

Doing the aforementioned tips should not be difficult on your part. As a homeowner, a show of genuine courtesy can make a difference between having a reliable patching of things and a terrible repair job made on purpose.

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