Three Reasons You Should Never Talk to the Police

Mickey | General | Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Before I get anywhere, I want to caution you not to just brush this article off. Read it. Think about it, and remember it. I know, you are the lucky one that will never have any run ins with the cops. You’ll never find yourself in trouble. And I believe you. I’m just saying take a look, just in case your buddy gets in trouble while you’re there or something.

Growing up we’re all taught that the police are great people, that they are there to help us out, and that we should trust them 100% with everything that we do. Sadly, those things just aren’t true. And it isn’t that the cops are bad people, it’s just that their primary job is not community safety (that’s a fireman), it’s catching criminals (at least that’s what the cops think).

You may not believe that last statement, but if you start paying more attention to the news you’ll see that most of the stories involving cops are stories about them catching a bad guy. I only know this because I’m a Bellevue DUI lawyer. I get to see how cops take advantage of people’s trust to get as much information out of them as possible and then arrest them.

The first reason you should never talk to the cops is it can’t help you. There’s a reason they say “your statements can and will be used against you.” They will.

The second reason is no matter what you say, you have no idea how the cops will be able to twist that to mean something that isn’t good for you. I know several Seattle DUI lawyers who have clients that have said one thing, meaning one thing, and the cops have twisted it completely to mean another. And you have no idea what that is going to be until it comes back to bite you.

Third, and finally, you don’t have any idea what the cops are looking for when you’re doing your best to sneak by them. For example, in a DUI case, they aren’t just looking for the things you say but how you say them. They are looking for slurred speech, a thick tongue, and smelling for booze on your breath. These are things you can only control by remaining silent.

If you ever find yourself in trouble with the cops, remember to keep your mouth shut.

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