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Editor | MLM Training Tips | Monday, July 13th, 2009

Who doesn’t own a television set, right?

Unfortunately that’s not really a good thing. You see, your television set may actually be one of the biggest wastes of time in your life. Your life is way too valuable to be wasting on non-educational programs and silly reality and game shows that don’t bring very little value if any, to your life.

It’s also keeping you from getting more important things done like work, exercise and more importantly, spending time with your family.

Yes, there are some programs that are worthwhile such as educational shows, but many of the shows that are now aired on television are just a waste of precious time. It’s time that could be spent building your MLM business or doing other things that are just as important.

What you really need to think about is the amount of time you spend each and every day or week watching television. Generally once the television goes on, nothing else is being done. The TV is too distractive for things like working on your business.

And for those of you who assume it does, television does not count as quality time with your family and friends.

Just sitting around in front of the television with your eyes glued to the screen doesn’t qualify as quality time. How can you play with your kids, learn a new hobby with your friends or go on a family hike when your sitting on your butt glued to a television set.

And more importantly a television can’t give you fresh air and sunshine with your loved ones. It can’t keep you healthy no matter what you think or you’ve heard. As a matter of fact, most people who sit in front of the TV find themselves gaining weight from less exercise and more temptations to snack while they watch their favorite program. How can you succeed in life that way?

Not to mention that watching television has actually been found to affect how your brain functions. Studies have shows that watching TV can lead to the shut down of your higher brain centers. Those areas of your brain are needed for things like critical thinking.

Interestingly, other studies show that when you read or listening to music instead, it actually stimulates your brain because it forces your brain to use its creativity to visualize what’s happening. So it’s obvious that reading and music are much better activities.

Here are a few ways that can help you watch less TV and leave you more time for your business and family:

• Turn of the television for an entire week and keep it off. Make sure your family (especially the kids) know the rules as well. Turning it off will help you reframe your thinking about the importance of watching TV.

• Write down a list of shows that are important to you or once that you really like. List them in order from priority to least.

• Make a schedule for watching TV that will allow you to watch your favorite show for a maximum of one hour per day. If there’s more than one show you want to watch, choose your favorite and skip or record the other to watch for later day.

• Find more productive things to do like exercising outdoors, playing games with your kids, starting a new hobby, taking your spouse to dinner, working on your MLM marketing plan, writing articles for your business and working on your MLM social networking are just a few of the many things you can do.

Okay, so you really don’t have to throw your TV out the door. But, remember you’re the boss, so put it in its place. Being successful in MLM and life means getting your priorities straight. Your TV is certainly not a priority.

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