Therapy for the Hands – Sea Salt Scrub

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Sea Salt Scrub


Sea salt scrubs are a fantastic way to therapeutically treat the body and in particular the hands.  They can be incredible rejuvenating, exfoliating as well as moisturizing.  Particularly if your goal is soft beautiful hands a good sea salt scrub followed by a paraffin wax treatment and your hands will be as good as new.

As a therapy for the hands sea salt scrubs can provide an excellent way for the hands to rejuvenate from all the hard work that they perform for us daily.  They are likely the most used body part we have.  As the hands are being scrubbed with the salts, they are absorbing all the nutrients from the salt that may have been in the ocean for a very long time.  These micronutrients and minerals are essential to our health.  Our foods are frequently depleted of these things that we need as our food sources have depleted the lands that the food is grown upon.

Your hands deserve a little refresher from their daily grind.  Mix in 15-20 drops of your absolute favorite essential oil with about 16 ounces of sea salt.  Chose a salt that appeals to you, there are many.  You will want it to be medium to fine grind and the more colorful the better, as the coloring is the nutrients and minerals that are stored in the salt.  After thoroughly mixing together place into a clean glass jar for storage.  Place the salts right next to the sink you are most likely to use them at.

If therapy for your hands sounds great but you have no desire to get a little crafty to do it, then there are other options.  The essential oil it just a bonus you can actually use just straight sea salt with out any thing added.  You can use it in the shower or at the sink.  You can also simple scoop a 1/2 ounce of salts into you palm when you are washing your hands.  Put a squirt of your favorite soap on top and you are set for mini treatment with no effort at all.  This is such a great way to add in a gentle hand therapy, some extra bodily nutrition while doing nothing extra in your day.

This therapy for the hands is so simple and yet so replenishing.  Use it with your friends for a mini spa day, pampering each other.  Or give a beautiful sea salt scrub, as a gift to loved ones.  This is the kind of thing that just won’t go out of style or use at any time.

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