The Wedding Ceremony Unity Candle Lighting

Mickey | General | Monday, December 6th, 2010

A unity ceremony is commonly seen in wedding ceremonies. Wedding unity candles certainly are a nice addition to any wedding event. A couple who wants a unity candle ceremony can buy unity candles sets that have all that they need. This would be two tapers candles and a center or pillar candle which is actually the unity candle. This candle and the others are often white and sometimes the main candle can have an inscription on it. For a small unity candle set, there should be unity candle holders provided. Some couples choose to rent or buy a separate candelabra.

While the unity candle ceremony can take place anywhere in the ceremony, it is most often toward the end. The officiate will say something about the couple joining their lives together and then instruct the couple to light their candle. Light music may play in the background as they do, or sometimes someone sings a song. The bride and groom each takes a taper candle and together they light the center candle. The couple can choose to leave the taper candles lit or blow them out. Most blow them out. When the song has finished the couple steps back to the starting place and the officiate finishes the ceremony.

Not everybody is love with the unity candle ceremony but still like the idea of a unity ceremony of some type. That’s one reason that the sand ceremony has become much more common in recent years. What’s needed here are not candles but sand ceremony vases. Two smaller ones which hold sand representing the bride and the groom and a larger one into which they pour their individual sand. The blending of the two different colors of sand illustrates how the couple views their lives and commitment as inseparable. Both the unity candle and the sand ceremony carry the same meaning, so a couple can choose the one they like best.

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