The Tippmann TPX Paintball Gun

Mickey | Outdoors | Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Paintball is one of the fastest rising sports in the world today. Yet it doesn’t matter if you are just a casual player, or the diehard player that is always out there and raring to go get your enemy. Yet one can always keep upgrading their arsenal, and not to mention their weapon of choice as well. Also one is always looking to carry more weapons, while still possessing less. So if this is you then you will really love the new Paintball Pistol from Tippmann.

The Tippmann TPX is really a beautiful piece of modern machinery, since in takes all things that is important, and then puts it into a more simple and smaller weapon, a sidearm. So if you are looking for a good pistol, that is going to be not only affordable but accurate, then the Tippmann should really be your first choice. Tippmann offers a sleek design that offers many great features as well. Some of the features include a view port on the differ to really let you know if you are running low on ammo, as well as a removable barrel that lets you focus on whether you want to be accurate or if you would prefer a less heavy gun. Also this pistol comes 2 pairs of magazines that make for quicker reloads, and all this comes in a convenient carrying case as well.

When choosing the right paintball pistol one really needs to decide what they truly want out of it. And I think that this weapon will surely not disappoint since it is one that is easy to use and also affers many great features for the player, as well as many convenience. The Tippmann TPX is simple and easy to use, and is also very accurate and consistent. The TPX can also be fully customized to whatever playing style suits you, there is also many magazine replacements sold separately.

So if you are looking for a paintball marker that offers a ton of goodies, then the Tippmann TPX should be your gun of choice.

Considering looking at Spyder MR1 or Spyder Xtra.

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