The Migraine Phenomenon

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Friday, December 24th, 2010

Migraines headaches are often described as unilateral, intense, throbbing and severe. It usually lasts up to several hours and even days. This article merely gives you information regarding this headache.


A change in the blood flow in the brain is one reason for the headache. The blood vessel in the brain narrow and expands. Also, genetic links have been linked to its causes. If one member of the family suffers from it, the probability is high that you might be having it too. Consumption of alcohol, food high in MSG, stress, fatigue, lack of food/sleep and hormonal changes can cause the headache.


Migraine symptoms can arise even before the headache. Nausea, excessive sleepiness, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light and numbness can be evident. Some may experience visual disturbances, like seeing zigzag patterns, flashing lights, blurry and cloudy visions and blind spots.


Basically, treatment consists of changing your lifestyle and medications. Change your lifestyle into a healthy one. Avoid alcohol intake. Try to get enough food and sleep, avoid eating foods high in MSG. Avoid everything that can trigger the headache. With regards to medications, you should consult your doctors first before taking in any. Do not take just any pain killer, it might cure the headache sometime, but make sure to consult your doctor for specific medications.

Try keeping a diary to track your activities and headaches. Take note of the specific dates and times you are experiencing a headache, also, try to remember the activities you had before having the headache. That way you could identify what triggered the headache and you can avoid it the next time.  Keeping a journal could also help your doctor with your medications. You can let your doctor read your diary so that he could keep track on every headache you have experienced and could give you the right medications.

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