The Mexican Baja Hoodie Pullover Poncho Sweater

Mickey | General | Friday, January 21st, 2011

The baja hoodies at Mexican Threads set the industry standard for the baja hoodie. There has been always a conflict between what should be the mane of the famous Mexican pullover sweatshirts, because of its popularity it has already reached so many parts of the world and has been loved by many people. Individuals with different views when it comes to clothing were united with their love for these Mexican pullover sweatshirts. But like other trends it also experienced decline in its popularity; however there are people like hippies who still adapted the use of these sweatshirts. This is why it also got the name drug rugs because they are associated with hippie clothing.

Let us try to examine the difference between a Baja poncho and a Baja hoodie. To be able to compare them we should try to examine what each word means, so that we will have an idea on what should it be called, we could start by briefly defining each term separately.

We can start with the Mexican Baja hoodie. There has already many modification made to these sweatshirts, although it has taken so many changes it still has some similarity with the original pullover sweatshirts, most of it are still pullover sweatshirt even though there are already available with zippers, and it cannot be complete unless it has a hood, this is why they are called Baja hoodies. And most of these sweatshirts has pouch in the front.

On the other hand Mexican poncho is so different from Baja hoodies in many ways, although they are made with the same type of material and they are made with the same method. They are different in form, Baja ponchos don’t have any sleeves or hood, and it is primarily a blanket with a hole for the head. This is why it is different form Baja Mexican hoodies. But this has already been adapted by many but anyway the most appropriate way to call it is Mexican.

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