The many benefits of electric underfloor heating systems

Mickey | Home Improvement | Friday, November 26th, 2010

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems


There are many advantages to using electric underfloor heating systems over more traditional home heating methods.  One of the primary benefits is the fact that each room can be individually temperature controlled.  This can create a substantial amount of savings in energy and cash.  You do not have to heat rooms that you are not using, or do not use very often.  Underfloor heating also is easier to install and often can be done at a lower cost than traditional heating methods.

If you suffer from any type of dust or pollen allergy, electric underfloor heating systems can benefit you greatly.  They do not stir up dust or allergen particles in the room as conventional forced air heating does.  There are also no worries about furniture placement, since there is no concern over blocking a vent or a duct.  This can make cleaning and moving furniture around in a room much easier, thus ensuring a much more allergen free environment.

Underfloor heating is also maintenance free.  There are no water pumps or mechanical heaters to worry about, nor are there leaky pipes, as can be the case with hot water heat.  There are also no hot spots on the heaters themselves to worry about children or pets touching.  Both hot water heating and electrical baseboard heating can have this problem.

Electric underfloor heating systems are also best at creating an even distribution of heat across the room.  Since the wiring runs under the entire floor, there are no cold spots in the room.  This is an efficient form of heat delivery.  Heat is distributed around the base of the room where you are, not blown up to the ceiling.  Because the heat rises from your feet upwards, it makes you feel warmer as well.

If you are investigating new heating systems for your home, take the time to look into electric underfloor heating systems.  They have many advantages over traditional heating systems.  They are economical and energy efficient. Underfloor heating may just be your best choice

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