The Many Advantages of Solar Energy

Mickey | General | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

The energy debate is a sticky debate right now.  The different sides are not only lobbying for newer technologies, such as solar power, wind power, and biofuels, but surprisingly there are large lobbies for continuing to use and expand fossil fuels.  While using fossil fuels to supplement the world’s energy demands, we need to remember that they will eventually run out.  The alternative energy sources are where we need to be focussing our time and research.

When considering the many advantages of solar energy, a few important points stick out.  First of all, solar power harvests sun light and converts it into electricity.  Sun light is free.  Therefore, no drilling, mining, transporting, or refining costs would be associated with collecting solar energy.  This is simply not the case with respects to fossil fuels.  The only costs with solar power would be the initial installation of the system.

Another one of the advantages of solar power is that it is a renewable resource.  The sun isn’t going to burn out any time soon.  This means that with each new day, there is the potential to harvest free energy.  Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy offers an unlimited source.

Burning fossil fuels produces waste and pollution.  Environmental activists bother the public with their rants everyday about internal combustion engines hurting the earth.  Solar power does not produce any emissions or pollution.  It is a truly ‘green’ energy source that would appease the environmental lobby.

Because of these advantages of solar energy, this renewable energy source is a viable solution to the energy debate.  We will have to face the facts about fossil fuels sooner or later.  When they run out, we can either already have energy solutions in place, or face a crisis and possible economic and political crash while we try to implement them.  The solutions are out there, we just need to pursue them.

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