The Lip Liner Tattoo

Mickey | General | Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

It is probably every woman´s dream to wake up in the morning and have their makeup already looking fresh and new. The morning makeup ritual can take sometimes an hour or two and this does not include the time spent all day long applying touchups to get the best effect and keep your makeup looking fresh. There is several makeup products that claim to not smear but the sad fact is that all of them do.

One modern way to combat this problem effectively is to use cosmetic tattoos. Cosmetic tattoos, like a lip liner tattoo for instance, are essentially regular tattoos but instead of a heart and flowers you are essentially putting semi permanent makeup on. This makeup will not smear or smudge and will make reapplying your makeup everyday unnecessary. But, like regular tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, like permanent lip liner, will fade over time and you will need touchups every few years. Anyway you look at it however; cosmetic tattoos will save you a great deal of time and money over the years.

Cosmetic tattoos can be expensive but if they save you both application time and makeup money over the years they will also pay for themselves. Take for instance eyebrow tattoos. These tattoos will last for 3-5 years and costs about $100. Many women will spend $100 on makeup for eyebrows trying to cover up blank spots and several minutes every morning applying makeup and shaping your brows. When your brows have tattoos covering the blank spots, or even making up your entire eyebrows, this is a great deal of time you can save over just a year. At least several hours that you could better spend doing other things. And finally, since cosmetic tattoos are essentially hypo allergenic you will not have to spend time searching for a makeup that will not break you out or cause other medical problems.

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