The Great Expectations for Kindle 4

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, February 4th, 2011

Many people are expecting another awesome e-book reader from Amazon this year. Kindle 4 is rumored to be out in the market late in 2011 or early in 2012. The Kindle fanatics are indeed very excited for this cool gadget. Sadly, the features of Kindle 4 have not been revealed by Amazon. But many are looking forward to a color Kindle, which is only possible with the use of LCD screens.

For the earlier generations of Amazon’s Kindle, they are using the E-Ink technology. Previous Kindle versions use the E-Ink’s Pearl screen. It allows Kindle users to read e-books under the bright lights. This means that people can use it either indoors or outdoors. But today, E-Ink has produced a new screen that can allow Kindle 4 to show 4,000 colors. This screen is called the Triton. Amazon is said to adapt this in Kindle 4, thus, producing a Kindle in full color.

A colored screen is part of the hopes and dreams of most Kindle supporters. It is indeed about time Amazon joins the competition with other tablet makers, especially Apple. Kindle is the only tablet left using the traditional electronic paper display. This kind of interface may come with many advantages. One of its greatest perks is saving a lot of battery life. But today, people care mostly for the coolness of a gadget, rather than the battery life.

Since the release of Kindle 4 will take many months from now, people are advised to buy the Kindle 3 first. They can later upgrade the Kindle 3 to 4 when it will be out. The prices today for Kindle 3 are super low, it’s unbelievable. For much better news, people can also get a Kindle 3 cover that is perfect with this awesome e-book reader. With an appearance so neat, you would never think that it is cheap. There are many bright colors choose from. Other covers have cool patterns too.

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