The Effectiveness Of An Acne Cream

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Acne is one of the most horrible problems that most teenagers or even the adults experience and living with it can cause much stress. As the skin on the face is the most noticeable part, many would like to find the best and most effective cure for this problem. There are a myriad of acne treatments available in the market that claim to work exceptionally. It can be hard to find an acne cream that would really solve this matter if there is one effective solution out there. Most of the acne sufferers would really buy such product even if it costs too much, especially if it can guarantee that one will be acne free in 3 days.

Different acne systems have been advertised that promise to prove effective and satisfying results. But what is the truth for these treatments especially with an acne cream? First, one must understand that people have different skin types and one product may not work effectively with the other consumer. Everyone must believe that no product will make the acne go away overnight. Though there are a lot of companies out their making that propaganda of eliminating the acne for two or three days, these are usually scams and the products contain the lowest grade of ingredients.

One must be careful in choosing and using an acne cream or gel. There are products that are chemically based and contain artificial fragrances which cause inflammation and irritation on the face and make the acne grow worse. The key ingredient in most creams for acne that customers can buy over the counter is Benzoyl peroxide which can cause peeling, dryness, tenderness, sensitivity, and inflammation to the skin. Clients in search for the best acne treatment creams should consider one that contains Resveratrol, an organic ingredient from the skin of grapes. This potent component kills acne-causing bacteria better than the Benzoyl peroxide without producing any negative side effects.

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