The Distinctive Design Of A Ring Set With A Black Pearl

Mickey | Jewelry | Monday, November 22nd, 2010

There are some items used in creating jewelry that help give the finished piece a very distinctive look. You will see this in the designs black pearl rings often created using silver as the band material. The most common type of pearl colored black is known as the Tahitian pearl. This pearl is available in sizes that are measured in mm. The black is stunning all by itself, but can be set in rings that use other gemstones to enhance the look of the pearl. A woman’s ring designed with a silver band and polished black pearl can be accented with small diamonds.

In the diamond setting the clear cut diamonds will surround the pearl to create a very elegant and brilliant piece. The diamonds capture and reflect light around the center pearl to help draw attention to the unique black color of the stone. The round shape of this pearl is also accented by using different kinds of settings to place it in. Often the metal used for the ring’s band will be formed into various strips that cradle the round pearl. This also gives the piece a flowing movement from an artistic point of view that works will with this type of stone.

The exact shade of black on a pearl will differ according to where the item was grown. Many have shades of deep blue that appear as a rainbow coating when you move the piece around in the light. Where the particular pearl was mined from will sometimes determine the worth of the finished piece. The size and clarity of color will also determine what the ring is going to cost. Another factor in the price will be the metal used for the band. While sterling silver is common there are also styles made with white gold.

If you would like to know more about distinctive or unusual styles of rings you can visit the Rings Midas site. There are a number of photos as well as information about different types of rings made with specific designs or stones. When it comes to pearls, black is not the only color you can find them in. In addition to the classic white there are a rainbow of different colors available including, pink, blue and yellow. Most of these will be found in custom created pieces of jewelry available through select merchants on the Internet and through some specialty jewelry shops.

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